2013 Naish Boxer Windsurfing Sail

A compact wave/freestyle sail for progressive wave sailors seeking real-world versatility.

Designed with a radically low aspect ratio outline and unique internal shaping, the Boxer delivers reduced swing weight for incredibly easy handling and balanced power. Due to its extremely short luff length, the Boxer is the ultimate sail for today’s extreme aerial maneuvers.

Sizes: 3.6, 4.0, 4.4, 4.7, 5.0, 5.4, 5.8, 6.2

Key Features:

  • Ultralight surf construction with a radial Kevlar airframe
  • Medium power, draft back
  • Single scrim luff panel, compact outline, 4 battens
Size Luff Boom Head Battens Cams Recommended Mast Weight
3.6 345 142 vario 4 0 RDM 90 340 2.75
4.0 360 148 vario 4 0 RDM 90 340 2.85
4.4 378 153 vario 4 0 RDM 90 370 2.98
4.7 390 155 vario 4 0 RDM 90 370 3.08
5.0 405 161 vario 4 0 RDM 90 400 3.25
5.4 418 167 vario 4 0 RDM 90 400 3.34
5.8 435 172 vario 4 0 RDM 90 430 3.54
6.2 451 181 vario 4 0 RDM 90 430 3.62

2013 Naish Boxer Construction

X-166 Ultralight Scrim

X-166 is 40% lighter than monofilm, incorporates warp-oriented yarns to control elongation, and has an X-pattern to increase tear strength.

High Strength Warp Scrim

This material uses durable 4mm film and an X-ply plus warp yarn pattern for high load and impact areas.

Linear Kevlar Air Frame

The Kevlar load tapes combined with the radial panel layout form a structural matrix that makes Naish sails the strongest on the market.

Woven Warp Kevlar Taffeta

This high-quality, three-layer laminate is used on all perimeter reinforcements because of its unique combination of tensile strength, tear strength and resistance to abrasion.


Naish sails use more than 25 different materials, including multiple-laminated technical scrims, warp Kevlar taffeta reinforcement tapes, high-tenacity seam tapes and the finest woven Tetoran and sleeve material available. All of our laminated materials are manufactured by Dimension-Polyant in the USA and Germany, and our warp-oriented Tetoran is supplied by Teijin in Japan.


Our sails are engineered with a unique radial construction to ensure strength with lighter materials. Every aspect of the sail is designed to deliver the optimum durability-to-weight ratio. The result is clear on the water. Jibing becomes nearly effortless thanks to lower swing weights, and lighter sails are more responsive at both ends of the wind range.


Light weight alone does not make a great sail. Over the years, Naish riders have come to rely on the fact that their sails are the toughest and strongest on the market, and this year’s range is no exception. Naish sails will withstand punishing wipe outs and years of hard use.

Durable molded EVA tack fairing that folds back for easy rigging and protects the sailor’s feet, mast and board. It features a grommet for the uphaul line and a mesh pocket with a Velcro closure for storing the downhaul line.

The boom opening has a long sleeve cutout for easy rigging, and features position markers that enable perfect boom positioning every time you rig.

Naish sails include comprehensive lightweight PVC scuff protection for both sides of the sail.

The radial clew is the strongest and lightest design in the industry. A custom titanium ring is connected directly to radial Kevlar load strips via high-tenacity nylon webbing. The Warp Kevlar taffeta leech and foot tapes carry the perimeter loads.

Striking a critical balance between light weight and durability, the batten pocket balances the power loads and has scuff protection on both sides of the sail.

A downhaul pulley that integrates a lightweight die-cast stainless steel housing and low-friction Nylatron GSM pulleys. It provides both standard 6:1 and 4:1 rigging options. This system makes downhauling very easy and reduces wear and tear on the downhaul line.

The unique geometry of our pulley offers both traditional 6:1 AND 4:1 “loop-and-go” rigging.