Bernd Roediger


Date of Birth: 10/07/1996




Instagram: bernd_roediger

Titles: 2x Aloha Classic Champion

Sponsors: Quiksilver, Maui Fin Co., Dakine

Goals for 2015: Survive, day-sleep less than I did in 2014…

Favorite Naish Gear: For windsurfing, I’ve been melding pretty quickly with the Force 3’s, especially the 4.5, I think that sail is magic for my 155lbs… The 72 liter “Pro Wave” was my go-to board for the Aloha Classic, I’ve never had so much success on a production board!

For paddleboarding: 7’3” Hokua is pretty much my 10, as a perfection-wave shortboard… But then I always have a soft spot for that 6’8” Raptor, its a sick little table board that can handle more size than you think!

Riding Style: Umm.. flailing mantis style


What sets Naish apart from other brands?
Well, I’m new here, but what drew me in right away was how closely they work with their riders. When I first starting talking to Robby and the team at Naish, I figured: “Oh ok another company that’s gotten too huge to support their team, and just plan to give you a paycheck and send you on your merry way.” But I was so wrong! Every team rider gets to work, hands on, with the equipment they’re competing on! Naish HQ is located on Maui, which means I’m supported by a team of shapers and designers that work and live like 10 minutes up the mountain from me! I’m spending a lot of time up there, working on all aspects of my gear. That constant innovation transfers straight to the production boards/sails/paddles/whatever that we’re all using! In a lot of ways, Robby is entrusting each of us, as athletes, with a piece of the business.

Favorite thing to do when you’re not on the water?
Ok, so my imagination is out of control. If I don’t do something physical, and preoccupy my brain with manipulating my body, I have to do something that keeps my mind happy! So reading books that get my imagination going, listening to and finding new music, even watching good movies, and WRITING, that’s what I like to do when I’m not on the water.

If you were trapped on an island and could only bring 3 things with you, WHAT would they be and WHY?
Depends, is there surf on this island? Cause if there is than three boards, if not… one gun and two bullets haha!

If you were an animal, WHAT would you be and WHY?
Hmm… That’s a hard one! I feel like I have such a fascination with the wind, just from windsurfing for years and feeling the drafts filling my sail, just using that invisible energy. So some kind of bird would be epic! But then, I gotta be in the water, because even now, as a human, I feel uncomfortable on land! Maybe a flying fish?! Or a duck, or a mythic water-bird? Like a white shark with batwings?

Favorite quote?
You shouldn’t take life to seriously. You’ll never get out alive.

What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
I once went stepped into the office bathroom after Robby, on Taco Tuesday.

What song are you obsessed with right now?
Modern Love is Automatic – A Flock of Seagulls !!! I’ve been nerding out on the 80’s lately haha, especially angsty 80’s…

Read any good books lately?
Currently reading “The Man in the High Castle” which is a crazy good novel from Philip K Dick, basically the Axis powers win WWII and succeed in taking over the world. It just trips my mind to think about how different life could be today, kinda along the lines of books like Fahrenheit 451 and 1984. I love books like these, they totally feed my fascination with dystopia!

Oooooh, also, The Martian from Andy Weir. It is a kickass book and movie! I love Mr. Weir’s writing style, it keeps you fully locked in to the story, even after like 2 years of being marooned on Mars!

I also can’t leave out classic books I love re-reading! I just got back into the Odyssey, which is one of my favorite epics! I was going to name our new German Shepard puppy “Argos” after Odysseus’s dog, who protected him for 20 years while he was away from home, and only passed when he saw Odysseus home safely. But in the end, “Argos” got even less votes than “Buttercup” so… I’m doing that rambling thing again, sorry.

Best present someone ever gave you?
Probably my 6’6” stand up that Harold Iggy shaped for me when I was 12 years old, the first time I was on Naish boards! That really started my progression as a paddler. It was so much more than just an amazing board, it was the start of a friendship, a relationship I will always treasure. I had always looked up to Harold, his wealth of knowledge about the ocean, and making tools to channel its infinite energy. Harold told me that everything in life has its own inherent and natural path, a channel of energy. Every wave, every day, every life. He believed that following that path was paramount to ones happiness, and I believe he was one of the master-seekers of life’s potential energy! That board was life-changing, for sure, it wasn’t just a board, it was an invitation to think bigger, to think around myself. Rest in peace, Harold, and thank you!

WHERE is your favorite place on earth (so far) and WHY?
Easy. Onboard the Indies Trader, in The Marshall Islands. If you don’t know the Indies Trader, you might remember the Young Guns films, well, that is the boat from Young Guns. And its Captain, Martin Daly, has parked it in Micronesia. Specifically, the Marshall Islands! You can check out some footage from this amazing place on my Vimeo page. Surf all day, fish for your own Mahi in the evening, and fall asleep onboard a legendary surf charter, under the purest night sky, devoid of any other sign of human life for hundreds of miles. I couldn’t imagine a better paradise!

How do you keep yourself inspired if things don’t work out as planned?
I feel like the hardest thing is keeping your life from turning into a straight line. What I mean is, getting tunnel vision, getting stuck on that one thing that you’ve decided to make your thing. Life is super short in the grand scheme of things, and to watch guys chasing down the future like it isn’t coming fast enough already, craziness.

That’s the part that just gets me, the “plan” part, as if any of us have much of a say in any of this! There’s a million different things I could do today, anything from going skydiving to sleeping and watching Netflix. The idea is doing what you feel is right that day, following your circumstances, your intuition. It’s the same as surfing, you’re not always gonna know what line to take… and it won’t matter how much you plan the night before, its just a spur-of-the-moment thing.

With that philosophy, I could live a number of lives, I could even die, who knows. Tomorrow will be the same, and the next day too, the truth is we don’t get much say in what happens to us! This weird cosmos we live in is infinite, which should be the inspiration right there! All the little nuances that changes our destinies in small or big ways, and we’re just kinda floating in a big ocean, going with the currents.

I’m very happy to float and observe, you won’t see me freestyling my way to the horizon, looking for land, looking to the future; for what? If you’re somehow missing out on the Universe, always putting energy in a single direction, remember that we exist in 3 dimensions! Take a look around, you’ll probably find you could be living your dream right now!