Brian Talma

Brian Talma

Rider Profile

Nickname: deAction Man

Hometown: Long Beach, Barbados

Homespot: deAction Beach, Barbados

Sponsors: Naish


Favorite Naish Gear: Naish Wave 8’7”

WS goals for 2014: Continue my Beach Culture World Tour, which is a combination of entertaining people visiting Barbados by showcasing windsurfing, art, surfing, food, SUPing and kiting; and travel the world doing promotional activities and competing at some events. I want to be World Champion of my Beach Culture World Tour again!!


When did you start riding?
My first ride I remember was body surfing on my father’s back when I was about 6 years old.

What’s the coolest thing you learned from talking to a child?
I’ve learned the beauty of their innocence and small thing make them happy. I’ve also learned how much my children need me and how much I love them.

What’s your latest non-windsurfing obsession?
Doing my beach culture art, I’ve painted almost everything I have painted my shop, my car, my boards, etc. I’ve even put my art up on the telephone poles…yes – obsession!

My philosophy of life is….
Experiment with life and find your passion & make your passion your job…get paid to play. Stand tall and don’t be scared to fall!

When are you happiest?
I am happiest when I am in the sea doing an action sport, ’I love the sea, it wash me free!” Also to be with family & children…they make me happy!

What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
I was driving to Bathsheba, Barbados for a SUP session and I saw a tour bus in the middle of the road smoking with people jumping out of the windows. I was the first person on the scene so I pulled as many injured people out of the bus as I could. I thought the bus was going to blow up because of the smoke coming out of the engine, but I was so focus on get people out I wasn’t worried about anything.

What’s the coolest thing you recently purchased?
Just finished my deAction Apartment on Silver Sands Beach, it’s above my surf shop. It has an amazing view of deAction beach. It allows me to introduce people to deAction World, with all the conditions for windsurfing, surfing, kiting and SUP directly in front of them. I also have all the Naish toys to perform in these conditions.

How many toenails have you lost since you started windsurfing?
Tears Upon the Brain…about 10!

Who is your role model & why?
My parents were my role models. They gave me the values, support, education and freedom to achieve my dreams. I am alive!

What’s the stupidest and/or meanest things someone has ever said to you in the water?
I was called a “Chimpanzee” and other racist slurs by a white local from Barbados. I just laughed and smiled.  This is what happens when you create “Action” and people want to take deAction!