Kanza Stott


Name: Kanza Stott

Age: 19

Hometown: Currently living with the flies in Western Australia

Known for: Having uncontrollable curls

Favorite maneuver: Love everything to do with wave riding

Gear you’re riding right now: Naish Sessions!

What piece of advice has stuck with you from when you first learned to windsurf? Always smile!

Most unusual place you’ve ever been: My sister’s room

Song guaranteed to pump you up before a session: Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine

Red Bull or coffee? Red Bull

Most surreal (ie. heart-poundingly scary and/or insanely awesome) session: Low tide and huge waves up in Gnarloo

Worst place to take a first date: McDonald’s

Favorite thing to do after windsurfing: Consume copious amounts of mangos

If you could pass one thing on to the next generation of windsurfers, what would it be? Keep smiling and enjoy everyone’s company.

So, what’s your goal for 2012? To get more girls stoked on waves!