Mark Angulo

Rider Profile

Hometown: Haiku – Maui, Hawaii

Known for: Busting an air every now and then

Homespot: Ho’okipa

Sponsors: Naish

Favorite Naish Gear: Force


What piece of advice has stuck with you from when you first learned to windsurf?
Don’t be too serious and try to have fun!

Most unusual place you’ve ever been:
Flying backwards and upside down over the lip.

Song guaranteed to pump you up before a session:
The Outsider by Black Country Communion.

Red Bull or coffee?
Neither…I choose Diet Coke!

Most surreal (ie. heart-poundingly scary and/or insanely awesome) session:
Tow-surfing Cloudbreak with Jon Roseman.

Worst place to take a first date:

Favorite thing to do after windsurfing:
Go home, hang with Elena and eat some sushi!

If you could pass one thing on to the next generation of windsurfers, what would it be?
Learn to be respectful.