Naish Rejoins the PWA and Signs Bernd Roediger Back to the Team

November 17, 2015

As part of a global plan to reignite the Naish Windsurfing brand, Naish International has rejoined the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) as an industry sponsor after a few year hiatus. Focused on bringing young, talented riders to the brand on a national, grassroots level, Naish’s PWA membership will again allow sailors to enter PWA events on Naish boards and sails. “Naish’s commitment to the sport of windsurfing has never wavered,” said Naish President Robby Naish. “Our passion for the sport is still burning strong; it is close to our hearts. I still windsurf almost every day and I want Naish to become a major player again. Kitesurfing and SUP are bigger sports for us, commercially, but windsurfing is growing again. We took a step back from the tour for a few years, but we’re back!” 

Along with this decision, Naish has signed 19-year-old windsurfing and SUP standout Bernd Roediger back to the team. After riding Naish since childhood, Bernd moved to the Quattro team for a few years. With his drive and skill level higher than ever, Naish is super stoked to have him back on the team. Enthusiastic about returning to the brand, Bernd describes: “What drew me in right away was how closely Naish works with their riders. I’m supported by a team of shapers and designers. . . spending a lot of time up there working on all aspects of my gear. That constant innovation transfers straight to the production boards, sails, paddles. . . whatever we’re all using!”  

Bernd joins other talents such as board-riding superstar Kai Lenny and 17-year-old Harley Stone to round out the Maui-based windsurfing team. With a renewed vision for the brand, Naish is focused on pushing the modern progression of windsurfing and looks forward to seeing more ripping young riders on Naish Windsurfing gear around the world in the near future! 

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