Naish’s Harley Stone Secures a Podium Finish At The 2014 AWT Pistol River Wave Bash

June 17, 2014

The 2014 AWT Pistol River Wave Bash may go down as one of the most impressive contest days the West Coast of the US has ever seen. The action across all divisions was intense and fiercely competitive with the wind gusting over 30-knots and sets rolling in constantly in the head-to-logo-high range.

The windsurfing event, which is the second stop on the AWT’s six-event season, featured over 70 competitors from around the globe, including Naish’s own, Harley Stone.

This year’s Youth Division was the strongest lineup judges have ever seen at a mainland USA contest! It was a tough three-heat battle for the title that came down to three sailors battling for the top of the podium. Naish’s Harley Stone sailed extremely well in the tough windy conditions, earning himself a very reputable 3rd on the podium.

Amazing job Harley! Stoked for you! Keep up the great work!

Photos courtesy of AWT/SI Crowther