Nathan Mershon

Nathan Mershon

Rider Profile

Nickname:  Nate, Nathaniel, US-907, The Mershenary

DOB: October 14, 1981

Hometown:  White Salmon, WA & Maui, Hawaii

Homespot:  The Hatchery & Ho’okipa

2011-1st at Santa Cruz Classic-Wave
2011 – 1st at Pistol River Wave Bash
2011 – AWT Overall Wave Champ
2001 – 1st at Gorge Games

Sponsors: Naish, Black Project Fins, Gorge Surf Shop, DaKine

Favorite Naish Gear:  Session 3.7 & Wave 75L

Duties as Team Rider @ Naish:  Ride as much as possible and represent at my local spots.

WS goals for 2014:  Jump higher, carve harder, & throw more spray!


When did you start riding?
At Kailua beach park when I was 11.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be & why?
Flying Fish. Looks like the best of both worlds…. and you get used in sushi.

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?
Control of the weather. There’d be waves whenever I’m at the beach.

My philosophy of life is….
Romans 10:9-10

Special talent(s):
Growing hair.

What was your favorite childhood toy? Do you still have it?
Legos. My early childhood was spent in Alaska so I played indoors mostly. My niece and nephews still have them.

What’s the best present you ever gave someone?
A set wave.

What’s the coolest thing you recently purchased?
Various airline tickets to tropical places.

First impressions are everything. What do you think people think of you when they first meet you?
“He’s ridiculously good looking” and “why is he wearing those booties?”

Would you rather have an extra finger or lose a finger?
Extra for sure. High 6 is better than high 4.