The Assault is a versatile wave board for any condition ranging from sideshore to onshore winds, that even performs well for high wind freeride sailing. New for this season, the Assault is equipped with an MFC Thruster setup, utilizing a US Center Box and two side fin slot boxes. Its compact outline, wide nose, and V-bottom make these boards lively, yet incredibly easy to ride. Stable, early planing, and fast, the Assault allows you to choose a smaller board than you might normally consider.


  • Compact, Parallel Outline 
  • V Bottom Shape 
  • Ergonomic Foot Straps 
  • High Density Footpads 
  • Slot Box 
VolumeLengthWidth Rec. Sail Size Finbox Fins
75 L 217 cm 56 cm 3.7-5.3 US Center/Slot Side Box MFC Thruster Fin
85 L 219 cm 58 cm 4.0-5.7 US Center/Slot Side Box MFC Thruster Fin
95 L 219 cm 60 cm 4.5-6.2 US Center/Slot Side Box MFC Thruster Fin
105 L 220 cm 62 cm 4.5-6.5 US Center/Slot Side Box MFC Thruster Fin


  • Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad

  • Full S-glass Sandwich Wrap with Durafinish

  • Triangular Glass Reinforcement

  • Additional Biax Glass Reinforcement in Stance Area

  • Full PVC Wrap Deck & Bottom

  • Full Glass Wrap Deck & Bottom

  • Molded EPS Closed Cell Core


Vario Ergonomic Footstraps (3)



Footstrap Insert Position Variety

Compact, Parallel Outline

High Density Footpads

Slot Box

Ergonomic Footstraps

V Bottom Shape