Sizes: Wave (135-185 cm), Freeride (160-210 cm), Slalom (180-235 cm)

This T8 Alloy constructed boom features a fully rotating head that reduces stress on the mast and is available in Wave, Freeride and Slalom sizes. The CT Wave and Freeride also feature a 26 mm diameter tubing in the grip area for better handling, tapering to a 29 mm for increased strength.


  • Fully Rotating Boom Head = Reduced stress on mast 

  • Continuous Boom Body = Maximum stiffness in an aluminum boom

  • 26 mm - 29 mm Diameter = Great handling + less grip fatigue


  • T8 Alloy = Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • EVA Grip = Durable + no-slip grip
DiameterLengthConstructionBend CurveBack EndBack End Cleat
26-29 mm 135-185 cm T8 Alloy Continuous Alloy Wave
26-29 mm 160-210 cm T8 Alloy Continuous Alloy Freeride
26-29 mm 180-235 cm T8 Alloy Continuous Alloy Slalom