Colors Available:

  • Red/Yellow
  • Green/White
  • Yellow/Grey
  • Grey/White

Force V

Power Wave

The Force FIVE is a universal wave and bump & jump sail that features the same high-tech construction as the Force FOUR. Thanks to its five batten layout, it offers increased power for instant acceleration, early planing and even better control overpowered. This grants excellent performance in the broadest possible range of conditions including onshore, side-shore and high-wind bump & jump/flat water. The Force FIVE is also an ideal match for heavier riders who are looking for extra power delivered with a hint of backhand pressure that enables the rider to easily power through lulls.

Sizes: 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.3, 5.7, 6.2


  • 5 Battens = Increased stability + control 

  • Powerhouse Shaping = Early planing + maximum control at speed 

  • Medium Aspect Ratio = Great handling + wide range

  • Twin X-166 Luff Panels = Solid, locked-in power
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Force-V Size Chart


  • Equilibrium™ Batten Pockets = Improved rotation + light + durable

  • Spectraview III Hybrid Window = Light + tough + clear film visibility panel

  • Horizontal Panel Layout with Radial Clew = Maximum strength + perfectly defined 3D shape

  • Carbon Airframe = Extremely strong + lightweight

  • Maximum X-ply Laminate = Ultra-lightweight + excellent durability


Standard Clew Construction

The radial clew is the strongest and lightest design in the industry. A custom titanium ring is connected directly to radial Kevlar load strips via high-tenacity nylon webbing. The Warp Kevlar taffeta leech and foot tapes carry the perimeter loads.

Tack Fairing

Durable molded EVA tack fairing that folds back for easy rigging and protects the sailor’s feet, mast and board. It features a grommet for the uphaul line and a mesh pocket with a Velcro closure for storing the downhaul line. 

Equilibrium™ Batten Pockets

Evenly distributes the batten tension load to both sides of the sail for greater symmetry, reduced weight and improved rotation. Where normal batten pockets are sewn to one side of the sail, EBP are formed by overlapping the sail body panels. Reducing weight further, integrated warp-oriented tapes absorb much of the batten load—eliminating the need for additional reinforcement. 

Roller Tack Pulley

A downhaul pulley that integrates a lightweight die-cast stainless steel housing and low-friction Nylatron GSM pulleys. It provides both standard 6:1 and 4:1 rigging options. This system makes downhauling very easy and reduces wear and tear on the downhaul line. 


The unique geometry of our pulley offers both traditional 6:1 AND 4:1 “loop-and-go” rigging. 

Downhaul Pocket

Secure mesh pocket with Velcro for storing the downhaul line. 

Boom Opening + Position Marker

The boom opening has a long sleeve cutout for easy rigging, and features position markers that enable perfect boom positioning every time you rig. 

Scuff Protection

Naish sails include comprehensive lightweight PVC scuff protection for both sides of the sail. 

Roll up bungee

Simple and convenient one-step fastening system for quick sail stowage