Colors Available:

  • Blue/White
  • Red/White
  • Yellow/Grey


Foil Sail

The Lift is a lightweight sail developed specifically for foiling and perfectly matched to the early take-off and smooth flight of the Naish Thrust WS foil. Designed with low internal tension to maximize responsiveness at the bottom of the wind range, it delivers the low-end power to quickly get you up on the foil in light wind and yet still be luffable and effortless to handle once you are flying. The Lift planform is optimized for foiling, featuring extra foot area due to the more upright rig position and a relatively long boom.

Sizes: 3.7, 4.7, 5.7, 6.4 


  • 3 + 1 Battens = Very responsive + luffable

  • Low Clew = Closing the gap instantly 

  • Medium Aspect Ratio = Great handling + wide range

  • Soft Leading Edge = Makes the sail luffable 
View the Sail Specs HERE
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  • Equilibrium™ Batten Pockets = Improved rotation + light + durable

  • Spectraview Window = Light + tough 

  • Horizontal Body Layout with Radial Clew = Maintains sail shape + progressive twist

  • Dacron Body Panels = Lightweight + durable