SDM 100 

Sizes: 430 | 460 | 490

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Every Naish mast is quality-controlled and checked to ensure proper constant-curve bend characteristics for optimum performance. Bases and tops are manufactured separately, enabling Naish to combine a light, responsive mast top with a tough, resilient base. This results in better performance, a lower center of gravity and improved durability and helps riders receive maximum performance out of Naish’s sails.

PRE-PREG TECHNOLOGY: Pre-impregnation represents the cutting edge of composite manufacturing. A specially formulated resin system is introduced to the carbon, glass and aramid fiber matrix (under controlled laboratory conditions), then thermoset to ensure 100% curing. This eliminates excess resin and creates the strongest possible final matrix. The resulting layup is lightweight, durable and extremely consistent from mast to mast.


Carbon %DiameterLengthIMCSMast BagConstruction
100 SDM 430 cm 21 CC Yes Pre-Peg
100 SDM 460 cm 25 CC Yes Pre-Peg
100 SDM 490 cm 29 CC Yes Pre-Peg