All Levels

Who is it for?
The Naish Windsurfer for windsurfers of all ages and abilities.

What’s it do?
This timeless board celebrates the nostalgia of the sport’s beginnings.

Why is it unique?
With its classic shape and performance, the Windsurfer is a unique product in the Naish lineup.

The legendary Windsurfer Class marks its triumphant return. With an updated, modernized board shape, the class attracts riders across generations and ability levels. With a level playing field, the Windsurfer benefits from competing on equal equipment and builds the camaraderie and lifestyle that made the sport world famous. The Windsurfer remains timeless as a classic shape that all windsurfers of any ability can enjoy—from first glides to rail rides.

The Naish edition of the Windsurfer is available as a competitive setup only with the larger daggerboard and daggerboard cover. Completing the setup, Naish also offers the Windsurfer class rig in a 5.7 complete with all parts accessories.

View the board specs HERE.


  • Retro-simplicity in Modern Package
  • ONE-design Legal = Global windsurfer class
  • Race Configuration = Larger daggerboard
VolumeLengthWidthRec. Sail SizeFinboxFins
229 L 365 cm 73.9 cm 5.7 Powerbox + Daggerboard PB 32 + Daggerboard


2-piece Carbon 30 SDM 430 Mast

Adjustable Aluminum Boom



Windsurfer Mylar Sail