Wesh family – Cabo Verde trip

December 27, 2012

Naish France’s Julien Taboulet is know as a world traveler and again he took his family to their small home away from home on the island of Sal in Cabo Verde to spend the winter away from the cold in France. Julien comments: “It is so good to come back to Sal with our 2 kids, Kaili (almost 2) and Louise-Aina (3 years old & half). Back in 2007 we were here for the PWA wave world cup, that was my first contest with Naish, and the waves were just awesome… Me and Caro have fallen in love with this place so we bought a nice small house in Santa Maria.”

Within a 5-hour flight away from Europe you for sure find some of the best waves in the world for windsurfing. The Wesh family has already scored some epic conditions documenting everything with photo and video. We were lucky enough to receive a few snaps and are waiting for the full video.

This trip will come out in a movie for 2013. I can’t believe how lucky a man I am to get a wife like Caro, following me every where with the kids for shooting, this is a real!