Wyatt Miller – 2nd Place in Freestyle at the 2013 Lord of the Wind

January 19, 2013

The 2013 Lord of the Wind Showdown was held Jan. 10th thru Jan. 15th in Los Barriles, Mexico for the 3rd year in a row. Solid north winds made for 3 great days of freestyle and slalom racing. Naish’s Wyatt Miller was on fire charging all the way to the final settling for second in the Freestyle competition. He comments: “I went out for the first heat of Freestyle with the 5.0 Boxer and Freestyle 100 while most of the other guys were on 4.2’s. The wind swell was firing too with logo high sets on the outside making push loops and backloops possible. Just before the first heat started I watched the massive steel Corona tent that was housing the ambulance guys cartwheeling down the beach nearly missing some folks and destroying a couple kites and punching a major hole through my 5.4 that was sitting on the beach. Luckily the wind held and I was able to use my 5.0 boxer the whole time leading to a 2nd place finish.”

Congratulations Wyatt!