Wyatt Miller – Dia de Revolucion

November 22, 2012

With his Baja center fully up and running, Naish’s Wyatt Miller was ready for Dia de Revolucion in Mexico and it turned out to be awesome.
In Wyatt’s words: “Yesterday was Dia de Revolucion down here in Mexico and not only did a good North wind show up, but it brought along my local protégés from La Paz, Mex. With 20 de Noviembre being a national holiday, and no school, Julian and Moi came out for their first windsurf day of the season. Having not sailed in 7 months they were a bit rusty and were also missing a few pieces of their rigs. They were really stoked when I told them to leave their stuff at the house and come down to the gear sheds and use my Naish gear. Moi went crazy over the new Freestyle 90. I have been training these kids for the last 6 years and they are now getting spocks, flakas, shuvits and forwards. Their favorite joke is that I am sponsored by Naish and they are sponsored by me, since I always make sure they have gear to use.”