Wyatt Miller Wins US Nationals

July 24, 2012

Day One at the 2012 US Windsurfing Nationals presented by the AWT was blessed with great wind, flat water and some intense freestyle action. An entire double elimination featuring head-to-head heats was held for the pro men along with four single elimination final heats for the women. Competitors came from all over, including California, Canada and even Aruba!

The wind was getting a little fluky for the final, so Miller pulled out his new 6.5 Moto sail that he’d never really freestyled on before. It looked like it was working well for him in the lulls, but there were enough gusts that he definitely didn’t look like the “Miller-time” who dominated the single elimination earlier. With the door wide open Reid took full advantage sailing a strong heat and taking the final over Miller. But, with this being the double elimination it meant that they’d have to sail again… and Miller re-evaluated his gear choice opting for his smaller freestyle sail. The choice definitely paid off for Miller, as he was back to form ripping through every move. Reid seemed a little off his game in the final allowing Miller to take the victory.

Wyatt: “Stoked to announce that yesterday I won the US Nationals Freestyle Championship in Hood River.  Event took place at the Hood River Event Site.  Wind was gusty 14-25 getting lighter in the afternoon.  I used the 2013 5.4 Boxer and 100L Freestyle pretty much the whole time. I won the Single Elimination, then in the final of the double elimination the wind dropped considerably and I took out the 6.5 Moto since I was worried about planing. That didn’t work out too well as the wind came right back up and I ended up losing that heat to Jordan Reid. He had to beat me twice so we sailed another heat, this time I took out the 5.4 again and beat him with moves such as Double spocks, Switch Flakas, Shakas, Funnels and Toads.  Judges were scoring 3 moves on each tack with 2 falls allowed before they counted in your overall impression. Pretty stoked to make it out on top after the ACL surgery.

The next 3 days I will be competing in Slalom here in Hood River, and then on Friday I head down to Baja for the AWT contest in San Carlos.”

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Photos: AWT